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Diabetes & Your Eyesight

Diabetes occurs when the pancreas cannot adequately produce insulin, causing issues with glucose levels in the blood. It is a condition that can affect many areas of your life and cause health complications in different areas of your body, including your heart, teeth, and eyes. 

You may not consider the impact this disease can have on your vision when first diagnosed, but it is vital to assess how high blood sugar can affect your eyesight and eye health. 

If you have diabetes, our staff highly recommend annual diabetic eye exams to protect your vision and ensure the best possible care for your condition.

Protect Your Vision 

Diabetes can lead to blurry vision, which indicates that your blood glucose level is not within normal ranges. In minor cases, you may be able to correct this by adjusting your insulin levels. However, blurry vision can sometimes indicate something much more severe, and you should contact your optometrist for a consultation.

If your blood sugar levels remain too high for an extended period, it can lead to eye diseases that can damage the retina. There are several different eye diseases related to diabetes, including:

Diabetic Retinopathy

High blood sugar levels can affect the tiny vessels supplying blood to the retina. When this occurs, it is called diabetic retinopathy. At first, this condition may have no symptoms or result in temporary blurred vision. As the disease becomes more severe, it can result in blindness.

You can find the macula in the center area of your retina. It serves many functions but primarily helps us read, see in greater detail, and provides the best color vision.

Diabetic Macular Edema (DME) occurs when fluid builds up under the macula. This generally happens when vessels damaged by diabetic retinopathy leak fluids under the macula, causing it to swell. DME is a common cause of vision loss in patients with diabetes.

Proactive Eye Care Starts Here

Preventative action plays an essential role in protecting your vision. Early detection and treatment can help manage vision loss, and our experts recommend one dilated eye exam a year for our patients with diabetes. 

At Total Vision Carlsbad Plaza, we offer diabetic eye exams using top-rate diagnostic equipment in our comfortable and caring environment. Treatment will vary depending on your condition, but we will work hard to ensure that your overall visual health is protected. 

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